We believe the curriculum is everything a child experiences during their time in our school. With a constantly evolving curriculum which responds to the needs of our learners and their interests.

We aim to develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding of the wider world and its complex cultures. Our curriculum is intended to:

  • develop  our head and body~ what we learn
  • develop our hearts and character~ who we are
  • develop our actions and attitudes~ how we live and learn
  • develop our moral compass~ where we fit in the world

We use a thematic approach to teaching the curriculum using the national curriculum as the basis for each theme, underpinned by our essential skills and competencies.


Learning & Thinking Skills

Children have the skills to learn effectively. They can plan, research and critically evaluate using reasoned arguments to support conclusions. They think creatively, making original connections and generating ideas. They consider alternative solutions to problems and understand that work can be refined and improved.

Personal & Emotional Skills

Children take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour showing initiative, perservrance and a commitment to self improvement. They recognise that achievement builds self confidience and resilience enabling them to deal positively with praise and constructive criticism.

Social Skills

Children develop the skills to work well with other people. They are responsible and adaptable and anticipate others’ views and feelings. They are respectful and appreciate the value of rules for working together and play an active part in group and classroom activities.

Curriculum knowledge and skills are revisited throughout the children’s time at Great Dunham to enable them to connect the steps in their learning and embedded into their memory.

Generally a new theme is studied every half term.  Children are involved in the preplanning of the theme and contribute to what is taught through the KWL (Know, Want to know and have Learned) grid at the start of every half term.

Visits and visitors are an integral part of our learning and we are committed to delivering a rich and varied curriculum.

At the end of the theme, outcomes are shared with parents through open afternoons or performances.  Due to variations in year group cohort size we revisit our curriculum each year to ensure children receive a broad and balanced learning opportunity.

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