Oulton Class have created this wonderful poem about the staff at the school.

This week the children in Hickling Class have completed some more art this week, using the Blitz and Battle of Britain as inspiration to make silhouette paintings.

Hickling Class Trip to Gressenhall Museum

Gressenhall Museum - Shop

Gressenhall Museum Trip

Gressenhall Museum Trip

Elf Day

The staff took part in Elf Day to raise awareness of Alzheiners.

Mr. Whitty is taller than the trees,
We can only see up to his knees,
Mr. Whitty teaches us to read,
At the gardening club, he pulls up the weeds.

Miss Titmarsh always has a smile,
Even when her paperwork is an enormous pile,
We love her she’s so beautiful and bright,
Sometimes we give her a big fright,
When we turn out all the lights.

Mrs. Spencer is fantastic,
She teaches us to sew elastic,
When Miss Titmarsh is in a mess,
Mrs. Spencer always helps her do the rest,

Mrs. Jarrett has to feed her parrot,
She gives him lots of seed and carrot.
Working in the office is her job,
She helps us with bits and bobs.

Miss Howell makes us lunch,
We eat it up with a munch and a crunch,
She is very funny,
Because she sometimes gives us honey.

Mrs. Mummery looks after us at play,
We wish she could stay all day,
On Thursday she helps in Oulton class,
Where we play out on the grass.

Without us children, Great Dunham would be sad,
We make the teachers’ very glad,
To have such a wonderful bunch to teach,
Our best they want us all to reach.

For this reason, we all say;