Educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all pupils whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment or background. We pay particular attention to the achievement and progress of different groups of children in the school. As an inclusive school we believe that the teaching and learning, achievements, attitude and well-being of every individual matters. This does not necessarily mean treating all pupils in the same way, it means taking account of individual life experiences and needs.

The curriculum should provide relevant and challenging learning to all children by:

  • Setting suitable learning challenges
  • Responding to pupils diverse learning needs
  • Overcoming potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils

At Great Dunham we are committed to providing pupils with access to education whatever their need; all children from our local community are welcome to our school. All children are equally valued. The school is committed to the process of inclusion as a whole school and will involve pupils, parents/carers, staff, governors and the local community in the process.

A child can be placed on the SEND Register for a variety of reasons, whether struggling with a particular area of the curriculum and/or due to physical, behavioural or medical issues.

The SEND Register enables our school to recognise individual needs and devise a suitable set of targets for the child to reach, as well as consider options for additional support.

The input of parents and carers is key. If you have any concerns about your child, feel free to organise an appointment with the SEND Lead, Justin Blocksidge.

Justin Blocksidge email address:

To read Norfolk County Council’s SEND Local Offer please click here.

Norfolk SEND Partnership Newsletter is available here.